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Transparency, added value and efficiency.  Those are the three notions which I consider to be of paramount importance when it comes to fees and expenses.

My clients receive clear overviews of work performed at regular intervals.

Many lawyers in large firms are under enormous pressure to meet all sorts of targets imposed by their organisation.  Whether or not what they do results in added value for you, can in some cases be less important than their personal number of billable hours during the month or year.

The result is that many clients are unhappy, very often matters are handled by junior associates, responsiveness is often an issue. In some cases, legal expenses are no longer proportionate to what is at stake in a particular dispute.

In a large firm, the actual work is very often done at the base of the pyramid (and then all the beginners' mistakes are - hopefully - corrected by people at the middle of the pyramid - quite often resulting in an explosion of billable hours).  The people at the top of the pyramid tend to focus on management and business development - i.e. not solving your legal problems.

In a small and fully independent firm such as Holmes Kirby, there is no large organisation to be managed and our partners can focus on legal work. Our firm is an extremely lean organisation with a remarkably light cost-structure. Our independence ensures that we can focus entirely on what matters most: solving your legal issues, providing you with the highest quality of legal assistance, at a rational cost.

If results matter to you, drop me a line.